What The Ira Group Does

The Ira Group brokers loan participation in bridge loans.

Benefits of Lending

First Position
A bridge loan can be secured as a first position mortgage. This means that in the event of a default, the bridge lender gets their money back first.
Pick Your Level of Risk
Depending on where you see real estate values going, you can choose what loan-to-value to lend on each specific deal.
A-piece & B-piece lending
Conservative and aggressive lenders can participate in the same bridge loan by structuring it where the conservative bridge lenders get their money back first for a lower rate.

The Participation Process


How Can I Break Into This Space With No Money?
What Type of Loans Does The Ira Group Deal With, and What Are The Returns?
Who Pays The Ira Group?
Who Is Responsible For The Loan, and Who Are The Loan Participants Dealing With?
How Much Can I Really Make?
I’m A Good Salesperson, But What Type of Person Is This Not For?
How Do I Grow My Network?
I’m Ready To Get Started…What Is My First Step?
I’m Confused…What Is The Difference Between a Loan Syndicator, Participant, and ILC?
Why Are Lenders Interested In Dealing With Multiple Participants?


For Loan Participants

Q. Will The Ira Group look at the deals and make sure that they are legitimate?
The Ira Group will look at every loan coming in and Ira himself will be personally overseeing every loan.
Q. Do I need to be an accredited investor to participate in a bridge loan?
Legally, we can only allow accredited investors to participate in bridge loans, as there are securities laws that restrict taking money form non-accredited investors.
Q. How long will my money be tied up for?
Bridge loans, on average, range from 12 to 18 months from start to finish.
Q. What kind of returns can I expect on my money when I participate in a bridge loan?
Participants that put their money in the 0-50% LTV piece can expect returns in the range of 5-6%, with those returns rising if they choose to participate in the 0-56% LTV piece.
Q. How much money do I need to participate in any one bridge loan?
The minimum amount that the Ira Group will put into any given A-piece for a participant is $5,000, with no maximum amount.
Q. Does the Ira Group make loans?
No, we just broker bridge loan participations for those looking to participate in either the 0-50% LTV piece, or the slightly riskier 0-56% LTV piece.

For Syndicators

Heter Iska
For my whole career, I personally have avoided engagement in actual lending even with a “Heter Iska”. After lengthy consultation with experts in Jewish Law, a path was forged which mitigates various legal, philosophical, and ethical concerns. At The Ira Group, we engage exclusively in true and fair Commercial Real Estate ventures. These deals operate at appropriate and tolerable risk levels and profit levels for both the lender and the borrower, thus the applicability of the "Heter Iska" is ensured. As these are joint business ventures which are mutually beneficial for all parties, occasions of desperation driven borrowing or dubious risk-laden loan practices are avoided. Participants should consult with their own Rabbi for guidance.

Contact Us

For more information, please email info@TheIraGroup.com or call one of us:

Aaron Eller
Director of Operations
Yaakov Charlap
VP of Business Development

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